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The Shopper/ The Sewist

Who is Ce (Cierra)?


I am a graduate of Fisk University from Milwaukee, WI, by-way of Memphis, TN. I started my career in education, with the intention of making an impact in the lives of young people through teaching has now transitioned to helping others with their appearance and creating customer-made blankets from old t-shirts.


My friends would describe me as bubbly, compassionate and selfless. I love giving gifts and making people smile/laugh. 


In my spare time, I’m most likely doing something handy or creative. Most recently, I painted my entire bedroom, revamped my dresser set and started making waist beads, which I also sell. 



How’d you get into the TRIPLE S's? (shopping/styling/sewing)


My mom and my grandma have always been big shoppers. I remember on Saturday mornings, my mom and I would go shopping, after we’d clean the house - it was a way for us to bond. Over time, I began to pay more attention to how little we’d spend compared to how much we’d take home. I realized my grandma was the same way, and I began to pick up on the tips and tricks they used to make my own shopping trips equally successful. Sewing came so easy for me, I just remember having all these t-shirts that I didn't know what I wanted to do with but I knew I had to keep them so I decided to create a blanket.


What do you enjoy about shopping and sewing?


Shopping, for me, is an entire experience. I love being in the stores, I love going through items and I love finding the best deals. It’s not for everyone, but it’s therapeutic for me. The time spent in my own world, doing something I enjoy is definitely rewarding. I have such a huge smile on my face when a customers box gets delivered and I am able to view all the memories that have kept as t-shirts and then I can be able to create the layout and placement of the shirts to design the perfect unique blanket. 



What is your style inspired by?


I have five main people in my life who really have pushed me to become who I am today. They encouraged me to start my brand and helped me develop it and have financially supported my current business, Ce’s Beads. 


I said all that to say, when I think of who they are and all they represent, I am inspired to create looks that reflect that: Creative, Chic, Funky and Individualistic.


Why Ce’s Closet?


A lot of people have this misconception that shopping has to be expensive, laborious and stressful. It really doesn’t have to be if you know how to navigate. 


It sounds like a lot, but it’s really simple. I want to use this platform to show people how my grandma and my mom have done it, and how I’ve learned to do it: whether it’s finding coupons online, knowing when stores are doing markdowns or just how to search the clothing racks. 


I also want to help people tap into their own personal style and how to put pieces together to create looks. Getting dressed should make you feel good, and I know how to make you look expensive and still stay on budget.


Plus, I’m a professional shopaholic, so why not?

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